Admission to Unicaribbean Business School is open to all persons meeting the qualification and admission requirements of the Institution. The abilities of prospective students are evaluated by review of the individual’s application for admission, which includes a detailed occupational resume, transcripts of academic credit, listing of any specialized training programs, company sponsored workshops, or other specialized schooling and other relevant documentation of previously completed academic work. Evaluation of the application package is the key component for acceptance with the Institute. The evaluation is intended to determine whether the applicant has the appropriate educational background, occupational accomplishments, motivation, and self-discipline to succeed in our online and classroom learning environment

Steps to Apply for Admission:

1. Acquire and Submit the Application form.


- Download application from our website
- Fill it with the necessary details and pay N5,000 to the following banks
- A/c no:

- A/c Name: Unicaribbean Business School

- Please remember to attach copy of your teller & generated slip while submitting your application forms.

2. Application process once submitted,our admissions officers will evaluate it.

3. The applicant will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of his or her application via telephone, e-mail & SMS.




General requirements :

- Be a high school graduate, or Possess a high school certificate or transcript from high school that is recognized by student’s home state.
- 4/5 credits to include English Languages & Mathematics plus other subjects at one or two sitting (SSCE/GCE).

- Bachelor degree, Masters degree and professional certificates from recognized institutions


      - FULL TIME
      - PART TIME



Fee Structure:

UniCaribbean Business School, Nigeria offers competitive tuition fees for classroom learning. We pride ourselves on offering top quality education at affordable rates.

Course Duration Fees
Certificate program (full-time) 6 to 9months $350
Certificate programs(part-time) 6 to 9months $400
Diploma/Advanced Diploma programs (full-time and part-time) 18 to 24months $600 to $650
Certificate and Diploma programs for computer & engineering courses(full-time and part-time) 9 to 18months $500 to $700
Certified certification courses 18months $450
Certificate program (Online class) 12months $450
Diploma program (Online class) 18months $700
  0 $0