Certificates, Diplomas & Post Graduate Diplomas (PGD)                                                                                                                                     
Unicaribbean Business School short courses programs, Gain the advanced business skills you need now.
These certificates, diplomas and Post Graduate Diplomas (PGD) allow you to focus on precise business disciplines, and all in a way  that fits around your life. Certificates can be completed in 8-15weeks, and diplomas take 3-9month.
Select your discipline from the key areas of business & management outlined below:


Accounting, Audit, Business Administration Programs:  

Diploma in Business Information Administration,  

Advanced Diploma in Business Information Administration,   

Certificate in Business Analysis,  

Certificate in Business Law

Advanced Diploma in International Business ,

Certificate in Organisation Behaviour,


 Digital Media & Marketing Communications Programs:


  • Advanced Certificate in Advertising and Promotion Management
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing Communications
  • Advanced Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Advanced Certificate in Internet Marketing Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Marketing Communications
  • Certificate in Marketing Communications
  • Advanced Certificate in PR Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Social Media Communication


Finance Programs:

  • Advanced Certificate in Corporate Finance
  • Advanced Certificate in Business and Financial Analysis
  • Certificate in Corporate Finance
  • Certificate in Financial Markets
  • Certificate in Governance and Ethics
  • Certificate in International Financial Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Performance Management and Control
  • Certificate in Quantitative Methods
  • Advance Certificate in Quantitative Finance and Financial Markets


 Human Resources Management Programs:

  • Certificate in Business Psychology
  • Certificate in Cognitive Psychology
  • Advanced Certificate in Cross-Cultural Management
  • Certificate in Developmental Psychology
  • Advanced Diploma in HR Management
  • Certificate in HR Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Human Capital Management
  • Certificate in Talent Development for Business Success


Innovation, Product & Project Management Programs:

  • Advanced Certificate in Derivatives and Alternative Investments
  • Advanced Certificate in Equity and Fixed Income Investment
  • Advanced Diploma in Finance  and Investment
  • Advanced Certificate in Strategic Technology Management


Investment & Banking Programs:

  • Advanced Certificate in International Retail Banking
  • Advanced Diploma in Investment Banking and Capital Markets
  • Advanced  Diploma in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance
  • Certificate in Money and Banking
  • Advanced Certificate in Money and Foreign Exchange
  • Advanced Diploma in Retail Banking and Money Markets


Leadership and Strategic Management Programs:

  • Certificate in Global Business Management
  • Certificate in Management and Leadership
  • Advanced Certificate in Project Management and Leadership
  • Advanced Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership


Marketing and Sales Programs:

  • Certificate in Consumer Behaviour
  • Advanced Certificate in Consumer Behaviour and Research
  • Advanced Certificate in Customer Relationship Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Global Marketing Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Global Marketing Strategy
  • Certificate in International Marketing
  • Advanced Diploma in Luxury Brand Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Marketing and Business Environment
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Strategic Marketing and Sales Management


Operations & Information Management Programs:

  • Certificate in Information Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Knowledge and Information Management
  • Certificate in Operations Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Systems and Operations Management


Risk Management Programs:

  • Advanced Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Finance and Financial Risk Management
  • Certificate in Financial Risk Management


Marketing & Sales Programs:

  • Certificate in Data-Driven Marketing
  • Certificate in Marketing Strategy
  • Certificate in Hospitality Marketing
  • Certificate in New Media Marketing for the Hospitality Professional


Entrepreneurship & Management Consulting Programs:

  • Diploma in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurial Business Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Certificate in Management Consultant and Toolkit
  • Advanced Diploma in Management Consulting
  • Certificate in Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Certificate & Diploma in Computer & engineering courses:

  • Computer Programming
  • Database Management
  • Business Information Project Analysis Studies
  • Graphics Designing
  • Website Design and development
  • Computer Studies
  • Software Development
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Hardware Engineering Technology
  • Networking & System Security
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphics & Animation


English for Specific Purposes Courses (ESP):

This programme has been developed to improve your English Language skills in a specific field:

  • Business English
  • Legal English
  • English for Engineers
  • English for HR
  • Media and English


Study Abroad:


This programme has been developed for students that wish to study in foreign Universities, likes US, Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Asia, South America, European and Africa Universities.


CERTIFIED certification courses are:

  • Information Technology Management Professional (CITMP)
  • Business Management Professional (CBMP)
  • Marketing Management Professional (CMMP)
  • Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)
  • Strategic Management Professional (CSMP)
  • Education Management Professional (CEMP)


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Tuition Fees and Financial Services

Unicaribbean Business School, Nigeria offers competitive tuition fees for classroom learning. We pride ourselves on offering top quality education at affordable rates.

Classroom Tuition Fees (Nigeria):


  • Certificate programs ----                        Full-Time ($350), Part-Time  ($400)
  • Diploma programs -------                       Full-Time ($600), Part-Time ($650)
  • Certificate in Computer & engineering courses ------    ($700)
  • Certified certification courses -----------------------------     ($450)


Online Class Tuition Fees:

  • Certificate programs ---- ($450)
  • Diploma programs -------($700)


International Tuition Fees:

  • Certificate programs ----  ($700),
  • Diploma programs ------- ($1,200)
  • Certificate in Computer & engineering courses ------ ($1,400)
  • Certified certification courses -----------------------------   ($900)


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