We fit your life

Find out how you can complete your short course program

  • Contact the campus nearest you to schedule an appointment with an admissions officer. Together, you’ll discuss your personal and professional objectives, examine your previous education, review the academic options open to you, and choose a course of study that will help you reach your goals.
  • Complete your application and submit your application fee. If you’ve taken courses elsewhere, we can assist you in requesting academic transcripts and transferring as many credits as possible. Your admissions officer can also explain how to obtain additional credits for work/life experience.
  • Register for your first courses with the assistance of your admissions officer. It’s important for you to know that the first steps you are taking are right ones.
  • Talk with your family, friends, and coworkers about your decision to further your education. Busy adults often find that the support they receive from these individuals is instrumental in helping them to succeed.
  • Attend a new student orientation. Check with your admissions officer for schedule at your campus. If you’re taking any courses online, you should also plan to attend an orientation specifically about the online program and its system requirements.
  • Once you receive your official acceptance letter, you’ll want to set up an appointment with your academic advisor. As a full-time faculty member, your advisor is able to review your academic plan and discuss course schedules for upcoming quarters


Open Enrollment Program

  • The Open Enrollment for Online Program at Unicaribbean Business School allows students to begin their studies at any time during the year. This method of enrollment is utilized to avoid the stringent guidelines imposed by classroom attendance during the traditional academic year. Graduation may also take place at any time during the year pursuant to completion of all academic and financial obligations.


  • Admission to Unicaribbean Business School is open to all persons meeting the qualification and admission requirements of the Institution. The abilities of prospective students are evaluated by review of the individual’s application for admission, which includes a detailed occupational resume, transcripts of academic credit, listing of any specialized training programs, company sponsored workshops, or other specialized schooling and other relevant documentation of previously completed academic work. Evaluation of the application package is the key component for acceptance with the Institutition. The evaluation is intended to determine whether the applicant has the appropriate educational background, occupational accomplishments, motivation, and self-discipline to succeed in our online and classroom learning environment.
  • Unicaribbean Business School does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or ethnic origin. Admission programs are administered in compliance with policies established by the Governing body


Program Coordinators

  • Program Coordinators are available via telephone and e-mail to provide detailed information regarding the policies and procedures of Unicaribbean Business School. In addition, Program Coordinators are knowledgeable in all aspects of accreditation, tuition assistance, prior learning credit evaluations and enrollment procedures.
  • A student may request an on-site personal interview with his or her Program Coordinator and/or     Academic Advisor after enrollment. The Faculty at Unicaribbean Business School welcomes student visitors and remains dedicated to student success from enrollment through graduation and beyond.